Moi, Gabrielle, historienne #WritersWednesday

I wrote this back in 2014 as I was working on the beginning of the novel still titled "The Page". This work carried on over the following five years, and should have been completed here in Berlin, but was not. Some 40,000 words later, it lays still, unfinished and unedited. Should I take another look? … Continue reading Moi, Gabrielle, historienne #WritersWednesday


  How to leave the city? Setting aside the why (perhaps one day?) how is the question. Maybe the correct answer is: we don't, ever, we may be elsewhere, but our minds and hearts stay here. Maybe we'll reminisce, as Frederick writing to Voltaire, much, much later (in fact many wars and forty years later) … Continue reading Partir?

Our stage #fivewords

Weekly writing prompt #105   We stop, and look back at the year past. The sky fills with clouds, our hearts with the images of the city. Our stage is here, where the trip starts and ends. Picture: Landwehrkanal from Möckern Brücke, Kreuzberg