Looking back… #Iamwriting

  Last winter, there was ice on the windows... Perhaps, now, we miss that cold edge to the air? The long walks along the river, the parcs, the lakes. A cold Sekt on a bench, long rides in the vibrating forests, the discovery of ancient sites, the monuments to deep history... The storm. Each day … Continue reading Looking back… #Iamwriting

#FiveSentenceFiction: Villainous

We met in the Alte Nationalgallerie, in Faust's metropolis, admiring old masters, he, well into eighteenth century German painting, and I, as ever the historian, researching the pre-1870 period, before the Iron Kingdom turned into the centre of the new Reich. A passing comment, near Toteninsel of Arnold Böcklin, started up our conversation. "I can't locate your accent," he … Continue reading #FiveSentenceFiction: Villainous

#TellMeAboutYourself ~ an Award

 Gracious and talented Katherine Hopkins, who hails from the KD Defehr poetry and photography blog (btw is the actual photography blog at http://kristydefehr.wordpress.com/?), has nominated this sinner for the Tell Me About Yourself Award, which made me blush no end through my January suntan... Thank you Katherine: you are an angel and a very promising young … Continue reading #TellMeAboutYourself ~ an Award