#DailyPrompt: Buyers, Beware?

I saw her eyes probing the object, a black square with no apparent feature. Behind the long eyelashes the green globes turned to me: - "And may I ask what the content of this thing might be, if any?" - "I cannot be absolutely sure... You see, like so many, I died in 2084, a … Continue reading #DailyPrompt: Buyers, Beware?

“he says, you’re beautiful…”

Where laughter lives…

Life Through Blue Eyes

he says

he says,
“you’re beautiful”
I smile, letting it reach my eyes
but I don’t believe him
not for a minute
I think, his eyes are blind
from lust
from a euphoric fog
of satiety
from anything that prevents
him seeing what my eyes do…
no svelte lines here,
no smooth and unmarred visage
only renaissance flesh
and a face with lines
where laughter lives
he can’t be right
he’s high
or the wine
has clouded his judgement
he repeats, “you’re beautiful”
and I wonder if my mirror, mirror
on the wall
has been lying to me
all along

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#WritersWednesday ~ Feiern

We celebrate The fire is burning Chasing away the demons Deep in the shadows… You come so close - And again, Enchanted  On the wings of the night, Peaceful moon To rest In those arms That cannot stretch… Feiern, Lieben, Du Ich, wir. Image: Fred Stein, source: http://www.20minutos.es/fotos/artes/fred-stein-pionero-de-la-foto-callejera-10029/

Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters that Haunt You

When you possess a creative brain, says Coady, everyday experiences are used as ingredients for the work you hope one day to make.  I know her names: I've have known her since a child, she's always been there, not far, even if inaccessible. Imagination, or muse, she's influential, and, very, very pretty. The more inaccessible … Continue reading Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters that Haunt You