The Age of Truth #fivewords

Weekly Writing Prompt #158   Some, they say, are oblivious of danger, and survive by luck. Not I, for, long ago, I arrived at this conclusion: stay in your hut, and learn the age-old truth, once warned, never surprised.   Photo: Liepnitzersee in September, © 2018 Honoré Dupuis

Our sense of fragility and aspiration for liberty must be part of the same thoughtfulness…

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Just finished some tuna with olives amd cayenne pepper. I guess I swallowed some wrong because I can’t seem to get it out of my throat fully. I keep having to cough every minute or so. Sometimes I wonder about how we’re built or how much we’re built to last. I couldn’t believe the coughing fit at first and sort of looked up at God, I guess. Is this just too much cayenne pepper or is it related to getting older? Not too long after that I kicked over a cup of water and had to move the computer from its spot on the floor. I don’t remember being this clumsy or fragile or forgetful when I was younger. Did I just not notice because I didn’t have aches and pains and hardly a care versus today?

I keep clearing my throat even as we speak. Sure, I could have…

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