Looking back… #Iamwriting

  Last winter, there was ice on the windows… Perhaps, now, we miss that cold edge to the air? The long walks along the river, the parcs, the lakes. A cold Sekt on a bench, long rides in the vibrating forests, the discovery of ancient sites, the monuments to deep history… The storm. Each dayContinue reading “Looking back… #Iamwriting”

Of a Bottle of Coke, and a Typewriter

In 1937 the city of Berlin celebrated its 700th anniversary. 1237, was the year when the first artefacts and documents attested of the existence of an organised municipality, in what was then the town of Cölln, as Berlin was still then a mere nearby hamlet. In 1937, the NSDAP, the party of Adolf Hitler, hadContinue reading “Of a Bottle of Coke, and a Typewriter”