#DailyPrompt: Opening lines

Inspired by Take my Hunger, Inkubus SukkubusYour love is crashing through my veins,I do not know where, when it will stop,I don't want it to stop - I seek the forever,And you, I know, you seek this blood,Still human, for a few more days,Perhaps... And then I will be like you:A deathless monster.Image: Max Ernst ~ … Continue reading #DailyPrompt: Opening lines

Dave Poems.

So to kick off, The Salt Book of Younger Poets is by no small margin the most exciting new book of poetry I’ve read in months. There’s a real feeling of variety, curiosity, ambition and openness here that was disappointingly lacking in Lumsden’s last anthology Identity Parade; where that felt loose and willing to lower the criteria for admission, The Salt Book maintains an impressively high standard. There are a few writers in here who already read like the finished article, and most are more suggestive and provocative (in the pleasing way) than many of our lauded prize-listers. For the sake of brevity I’ve picked out a handful who I consider worth bringing to your attention.

Dai George

[Brief intro: George is, as you’ve guessed, Welsh, has studied in Bristol and Columbia and lives in London. His first collection drops in 2013 with Seren. Listen to him read on Poetcasting

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