#DailyPrompt: Secret Admirers #WritersWednesday

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Secret Admirers." I do not need a sign, I know where this came from and it is charming, unexpected, seductive... But there is no time left, even for us, to reflect on the living when we, both, have long gone. Image: Ruth Bernhard – Female Nude with … Continue reading #DailyPrompt: Secret Admirers #WritersWednesday

“he says, you’re beautiful…”

Where laughter lives…

Life Through Blue Eyes

he says

he says,
“you’re beautiful”
I smile, letting it reach my eyes
but I don’t believe him
not for a minute
I think, his eyes are blind
from lust
from a euphoric fog
of satiety
from anything that prevents
him seeing what my eyes do…
no svelte lines here,
no smooth and unmarred visage
only renaissance flesh
and a face with lines
where laughter lives
he can’t be right
he’s high
or the wine
has clouded his judgement
he repeats, “you’re beautiful”
and I wonder if my mirror, mirror
on the wall
has been lying to me
all along

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