Crown #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   "Will they be waiting for us? It doesn't look so far, just a few steps, not a big deal, not as if we had to go on a boat, as some have to. And there is no island, just a circle of stones..." Indeed, there are several gates to enter Paradise.


  How to fight Evil? Some say, the Goods and the Angels must rise: only the Sword can triumph, in the Name of all that is Holly. I am no longer so sure. Isn't the Enemy already among us? Can we still recognise the Fallen one, among the Angels? For he's an expert of disguise, … Continue reading Catharsis

Beyond #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   Beyond is our world: this is the threshold, how far mortals can trade. Beyond is where we belong, we, who once lived and haunt these woods. Beyond you can see us for who we are: the way humans were, Before the Fall.

Grassy cloud #3TC

Three Things Challenge: PL18     velvet, cloud, hippie Late in the day, emerging from his grass cloud, the ageing hippie saw you, asleep, as you once were, on the velvet pastel of the pool.