A witness in the night

Acknowledgement lucastorquato27.deviantart.com I wasn’t at my best, hot, bothered, coughing, feeling sick. But that’s the time she chose. We hadn’t had a real talk, the way she wants, for a while. Evidently, I had been working, making progress, trying to move forward, damn. The shimmer around her was an omen of what was to follow: theContinue reading “A witness in the night”

Loop #WritersWednesday #DailyPost

Inspired by today’s Prompt The shed stands in a little hollow, surrounded by trees and bushes. The bushes are of a climbing sort, maybe  roses, or jasmin. This place is old, but not decrepit, although as we approach it, I notice someone has removed the small inside lock on the door. It was a kindContinue reading “Loop #WritersWednesday #DailyPost”

Afrikanische Straße

  I leave the lutheran bells ringing clear, behind, the sky a dull lead blanket, but soon I see the green shoots: Nature, the knowing lover, is holding them back, in this chilled Sunday morning, as if to moderate our impatience. She knows how to prolong the foreplay, make us wait, nurse our lust, dream ofContinue reading “Afrikanische Straße”

Hesitate #WritersWednesday

Today’s prompt   “You have to tell the truth,” she said, serious and mocking at the same time, “the truth about me, the person I am, not the one you would wish me to be!” I was a little peeved about that statement. I thought I was truthful, without hesitation about her qualities and shortcomings,Continue reading “Hesitate #WritersWednesday”

Mythical #DailyPost #FaustCity

Friday’s Prompt The clouds came with the giant moon, as if to hide us, humans, from the glare of its pitiless light. At the corner of our street workers rush home, to warmth, love and a well deserved rest. Friday night is for joy, dancing, the smiles of lovers, the hopes of poets, and, later,Continue reading “Mythical #DailyPost #FaustCity”

Irksome #DailyPost

Today’s Prompt   It’s a recurring dream, not a nightmare, only its frequency makes me wonder. I look for her, she’s not there, but apparently I have just missed her, or so they say. Yet, she does not answer calls, she’s absent, or somewhere, where I am not. But who is she? Is she myContinue reading “Irksome #DailyPost”

Rearrange #DailyPost #Berlin

From the crazy crowd She asked: “Do you think the City is less sexy in winter?” This made me smile. All the way to Frannz Club in Prenzlauer Berg, I reflected on what my lover said. Later, immersed in Erik Truffaz’ amazing trumpet, I had the answer. If anything the City is more captivating, asContinue reading “Rearrange #DailyPost #Berlin”

Unfinished #DailyPost

We have got so far, much is still to be done. We have to go further, down the quiet streets, and the wide avenues, through the small parks, along the canals… There, somewhere, we’ll find ourselves, the meaning of us, the ultimate ecstasy. Till then, it’s unfinished business, work in progress, the novel unfinished. TillContinue reading “Unfinished #DailyPost”

Dilemma #DailyPost

  So, this is the deal: you stay, and then, here is your place, or you go, and good luck to you. But, you insist, the deal is reversible: if you want me, you have to convince me to stay, or I go. And so, we go on, late into the night, do you wantContinue reading “Dilemma #DailyPost”

South #TheDailyPost

  Not sure how to participate?   Down South is your secret garden, and I hold the key, Thus, I live in fear, of the jealous gods, of the cruel demons, For they cannot approach the magic gate: You can imagine their fury, they cannot suffer To see this simple mortal, enjoy the Forbidden fruits,Continue reading “South #TheDailyPost”