I had to do it, but I am sorry (sort of) #amwriting

I am sorry, but really, I had to do it. I know, you’re unlikely to pardon me soon. For a writer to kill one of his most cherished characters, is, well, close to a crime, even if not uncommon. Think of Conan Doyle, having poor Sherlock fall off the cliff, for example. We lived togetherContinue reading “I had to do it, but I am sorry (sort of) #amwriting”

Blackwidow #WritersWednesday #mourning #fifty

We were here, together, not long ago, and you said you liked the place. Restful and quiet, you said. And now, watching the fresh grave, my eyes dry, I am wondering if you really left. And she, silent, black-clad, is¬†already in mourning, perhaps your true widow, unlike me, faithful…

#FiveSentenceFiction: Changes

There was silence, a vast landscape of grey stones, and a black sky: this forgotten corner of the universe would never attract attention. Yet, hidden, there was moisture, perhaps a forgotten discarded frozen relic of a passing meteorite. Then there was the star, a young star, still full to burst of hydrogen: a promising start…Continue reading “#FiveSentenceFiction: Changes”