Faraway #writephoto

Faraway   Low tide: it is as if the world, the ocean, had wanted to withdraw, to retire, at the other end, on the other side, perhaps to another galaxy. The written words cannot be erased, nor the broken promises forgotten. The heroes have gone, their shadows melted… faraway, in an unknown land, only remainsContinue reading “Faraway #writephoto”

Footprints #writephoto

Footprints   We love the long walks, along the shore, the closeness of the sea, the flying birds, the wet land and the immense skies. I watch your steps, the wind blowing your hair, I see you as one with the earth, the waves, the clouds. I know we will be tired at the endContinue reading “Footprints #writephoto”

Spring is in the air… #fivewords

Weekly Writing Prompt#131   In the morning he could sense the imminent thaw, the passing of the artic air, of nature on her guard. His aim, now, was to lose the dark spirit of winter, find the strength to believe, to resume the dream. For death, he knew, is not the end of life, butContinue reading “Spring is in the air… #fivewords”

Crow #writephoto

Crow   We have known each other for a long time. In the garden of the small house, some distance from here, she used to perch in the old tree, just in the corner, and was able to follow my progress in the morning, making coffee, in the kitchen. Often the Crow and I lookedContinue reading “Crow #writephoto”

Window #writephoto

Window   The house is still there, and the roses. How happy we were then, how beautiful was our life, the sun was shining everyday… This is what I want to remember, now, after all those years. Of course, I’d like to travel back, to erase what went on, to start again. I want toContinue reading “Window #writephoto”

Looking back… #Iamwriting

  Last winter, there was ice on the windows… Perhaps, now, we miss that cold edge to the air? The long walks along the river, the parcs, the lakes. A cold Sekt on a bench, long rides in the vibrating forests, the discovery of ancient sites, the monuments to deep history… The storm. Each dayContinue reading “Looking back… #Iamwriting”

To serve #fivewords

Weekly writing prompt #117   “How wrong this all is…” she said looking at him, “Old people can’t afford their rent, what a great country this is!” He looked at the sky. It did not serve any purpose to dream. She was right. Fast, the light wing of hope was disappearing… One day… Image:¬†Berliner ZeitungContinue reading “To serve #fivewords”