Reaching #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “So we are back”, you said in a tone of voice void of emotions. But I knew better: “back” meant we had failed, together, to adapt to a different life, to create the new, to be reborn. Yet this was our home, the naked ground where we belonged. Even the barrenContinue reading “Reaching #writephoto”

Journey #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “Insane”, did you say? Yes, I agree, who wants to wander, alone, half naked, in this desolate landscape, other than a madman? But I am on a journey, probably a long journey. “Where are you going?” could you ask, but you won’t. I want to find them all, all the ghosts,Continue reading “Journey #writephoto”

Destination #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   You are now so close: and you know I am waiting. The certainty to find me, at the end of this road, your destination. You know, all that time I have been waiting, since the day, that day, when you left. Many pages I wrote since then. Many books I read.Continue reading “Destination #writephoto”

Clarity #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   Once we walked along this shore, through these dunes, you and I, hand in hand, when the world was young. Now, our children stand tall and strong, and they and their mates look just like us, as we were. So you see, dear love, despite all the mistakes, sometime the doubts,Continue reading “Clarity #writephoto”

Span #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   What we see, the beauty around us, the clear water, the trees… We do not have words, in your language, to express our admiration, no, our love for your world. Where we come from, but you could not start imagining what it means, there is no such beauty. I should say,Continue reading “Span #writephoto”

Threshold #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   There, long ago, when we had space, and the air was pure, there we lived: us, the whole tribe, the children, the very old, the wise and the fools. At night we were safe, the sea protected us. We had many friends, and few enemies. We were poor, and strong. TheContinue reading “Threshold #writephoto”

New #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   Overwhelmed by sorrow, he called for his guardian angel. She came at once, and took him to the cliff to watch the sunset, just the two of them. All at once calmed, reassured, he looked up to her smiling face: then she said: “I know, you feel lonely, but in truthContinue reading “New #writephoto”

In the Pale Light of Winter #fivewords

Weekly Writing Prompt #175 charcoal, shade, pale, wake, lucid The rain fell, almost silent, but she could hear the little stream, outside, through the open window. She called the instant the lucid wake: those minutes before the first signs of the pale dawn. Then, everything is clear, the events of the past days in sharpContinue reading “In the Pale Light of Winter #fivewords”

By the riverside #writephoto

Calm   We walk hand in hand in the peace of the morning. The river flows and reminds us of times past. We haven’t forgotten, but we have forgiven. For us, forgiveness has long been our way to give thanks. After all, the monsters are dead and we are alive, at least alive enough toContinue reading “By the riverside #writephoto”