Clouded #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “It was written: now they are coming…” Her voice was calm, and her friend understood she was merely stating a fact. She too had thought of the omen in the last nights, as they both laid, enlaced, on the soft land, under the moon. They looked at each other, in silence.Continue reading “Clouded #writephoto”

Vista #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “Soon we will be back, walking those hills, and finding ourselves, again.” It’s true, she thought, life is an eternal come back. Simply, we change, not the hills, not the sky. Only us grow old. Or it feels like it. So, we will have to rewrite the story, or is itContinue reading “Vista #writephoto”

Cascade #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   I listen to the sound of the cascade, and to the birds and other creatures, deep in the woods. Time flows, as if diluted in the icy waters of the stream. Is it an illusion? Or the harsh reality of our impermanence? Will I remember this instant, on the other side,Continue reading “Cascade #writephoto”

Presence #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   They stand, silent, immobile, or so it seems. It looks as if time never flows, as if, for them, there is no beginning, and no end. But there is. Their role is to bear witness. So they listen, observe, remember. One day, perhaps far into our future, even past us, evenContinue reading “Presence #writephoto”

Before the long journey

  From the gate it was a short walk to the ship, under the high protective dome which had been erected on their arrival the year before. The leader could see his crew was excited: they would find back their cubicles, their personal possessions, holograms, books, games, even the small pets they were allowed toContinue reading “Before the long journey”

Stillness #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt     “… No, we can’t detect any sign of human or humanoid life anywhere… There is plenty of life in the water, on land too, mammals and birds… plenty of beautiful insects…” “What about buildings, traces of recent organised activities?” “There are ruins, covered with vegetation, some remnants of railroads… WeContinue reading “Stillness #writephoto”