A new game in the playground :-)

I present a situation and you tell me how you react.

#1 Situation #1- You come home hungry, earlier than communicated and find your husband “eating” a young and hot blonde on the table in the kitchen with a glass of wine in his hand.

…shoot ( think you are the loyal and beautiful wife)

Fury You have not heard me, neither has she, you two are too busy… Oh! those thighs open to you, that stupid look on her face – all pretence I am sure. But I won’t have it, you ploughing her, in our house, drinking our wine! Desecrating that table where we had so much fun, together, not that long ago!

I know where your gun is, in our bedside table, carefully boxed. Silently I walk there and find the beautiful Heckler & Koch, fully loaded – you’re such a cautious and, until today, predictable man, my love. I shall miss you, a bit.

Back in the kitchen she pretends to be coming: perfect timing. I lift the security, a gorgeous sound that probably intrigues you. I shoot her first, in the lower belly, so that she enjoys for a bit longer, the 9mm bullett makes a nice splash. Then as you turn round incredulously, attempting to move, I shoot you twice in the balls, restoring order, as it were. You are both a bloody mess.

There is no fury…

#WritersWednesday, January 2, 2013: Back to Work!

Writing I can’t complain about 2012: writing progressed well after the summer vacation, and new ideas were in abundance. Editing was slow, and, as is usual, shorter pieces took time to mull over and eventually post! Building the platform is an important part of a “writer in learning”’s life… The characters have also evolved in the right direction, their relationships becoming clearer, and perhaps more distinctive too: but I know that there is something still missing in all three strands of work, and for the Page, this knowledge is not without frustration after three rewrites! So goes the inspiration.

Still this winter break was a complete write-off: not much work in three weeks! And I feel almost guilty for it, ignoring my lovely characters for so long… One of them, I won’t tell who just yet, is very cross. Her anger is understandable, being left in  a precarious position, as it were, between worlds. From this point onward the plot gets more hectic, so she should take it easy for now: what follows shortly won’t be restful!

And, yes, I have set myself some targets: finish the novel by end November 2013! It will be about 100k long in the final version. I still don’t know if this will be published at all, in any form, or just sit on the blog… Does it matter? I will then continue with the other pieces, long term stuff still immature. Peace. And Happy New Year to my readers and followers!