Guarded #writephoto

Inspired by Sue's photo prompt There was no one at this desolated place where he had expected to see her. Yet her message had been clear: "Meet me at the guard, the highest point on the hill, where you have a full view of the mesa." They had played there, witches and sorcerers, and later … Continue reading Guarded #writephoto


Six Sentence Story He would not botch this job, his pride was invested in this. In fact he was a perfectionnist. Obstacles, for him, were more reasons to do this well, to craft the work as was done in older times. I always saw him as the human being, capable, reflective, seeking improvements, around him … Continue reading Botch

#VisDare 114: Prepared #WritersWednesday

On this far-away horizon we fly, age-old balloonists, at peace. I long thought, in the moonless nights, reading, dreaming, of those eons ahead of us - the universe 's infinity, the long journeys, our transformation, progressive, imperceptible, on the shores of time. Old-fashioned I am - we are - in the eyes of the past centuries, albeit not … Continue reading #VisDare 114: Prepared #WritersWednesday