Dinosaur #writephoto

#WRITEPHOTO CHALLENGE "It's not a dinosaur!" say I, turning to her in indignation. "No, she replies, you're right, it's a mammoth, an ancient, prehistorical elephant." It is not just accuracy I am after, it's also justice. What is the poor animal doing here? In this polished park, out of his time, his natural habitat, which … Continue reading Dinosaur #writephoto

Prelude #Cityscape

Exploring a city is like discovering a lover: the unknown sounds, the long avenues, the blind windows so much like eyes shut, the undecipherable scents... Then there are the enticing corridors, the forbidden cellars, the lovely peaceful cafés hidden behind trees, as islands of lust. The city does not yield easily: one has to be … Continue reading Prelude #Cityscape