#DailyPost: Climate Control #Fifty

Weather and people's moods...   Sunlight brightens her soul, then she's sweetness and grace. Low clouds and signs of rain and her eyes go misty: away with her dreams, lost to us. Thunder and high winds push her yet further away, in a corner of her kingdom inaccessible to mortals. Gaia is her maiden name. Image: … Continue reading #DailyPost: Climate Control #Fifty

#AtoZAprilChallenge: Naturalism #WritersWednesday

 Naturalism in literature (from Wikipedia): “Naturalism was a literary movement or tendency from the 1880s to 1940s that used detailed realism to suggest that social conditions, heredity, and environment had inescapable force in shaping human character. It was a mainly unorganized Literary movement that sought to depict believable everyday reality, as opposed to such movements … Continue reading #AtoZAprilChallenge: Naturalism #WritersWednesday