Destination #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   You are now so close: and you know I am waiting. The certainty to find me, at the end of this road, your destination. You know, all that time I have been waiting, since the day, that day, when you left. Many pages I wrote since then. Many books I read.Continue reading “Destination #writephoto”

Clarity #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   Once we walked along this shore, through these dunes, you and I, hand in hand, when the world was young. Now, our children stand tall and strong, and they and their mates look just like us, as we were. So you see, dear love, despite all the mistakes, sometime the doubts,Continue reading “Clarity #writephoto”

Forgotten #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   No, we haven’t forgotten: through this gate we walked, you and I, when the wall was new, the grass so green, and the sky so clear. We believed, the future was a wide alley, bordered with roses, your hand in mine, our eyes to the horizon. Then came the clouds, andContinue reading “Forgotten #writephoto”

Between absence and presence

A reading of Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami   This is Mr Murakami’s latest work, published in Japan in 2017, and translated by Philip Gabriel and Ted Goossen (I guess: a tour de force). First of all, I must say that, in my view, this is Mr Murakami’s most accomplished work thus far, a fascinating,Continue reading “Between absence and presence”

New #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   Overwhelmed by sorrow, he called for his guardian angel. She came at once, and took him to the cliff to watch the sunset, just the two of them. All at once calmed, reassured, he looked up to her smiling face: then she said: “I know, you feel lonely, but in truthContinue reading “New #writephoto”

Fragrant #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “Where,” she thought, “where shall I meet you, where for our next date, my dear, so dear love?” There is no light, darkness reigns, but she knows a place, deep in her memories, the rose garden, in late Spring, the fragrance of the blooms, the humming of the bees. She remembers,Continue reading “Fragrant #writephoto”

The Sight of Her #fivewords

Weekly Writing Prompt #178   rock, joint, inner, sight, sail Standing on a rock, alone, he lost sight of her shadow. Gone the tenuous line, the light joint in their inner lives, dissolved, her face less and less recognisable, a sail soon disappeared in the immensity of his despair.   Image: Orpheus, by Pierre AmedeeContinue reading “The Sight of Her #fivewords”

In the Pale Light of Winter #fivewords

Weekly Writing Prompt #175 charcoal, shade, pale, wake, lucid The rain fell, almost silent, but she could hear the little stream, outside, through the open window. She called the instant the lucid wake: those minutes before the first signs of the pale dawn. Then, everything is clear, the events of the past days in sharpContinue reading “In the Pale Light of Winter #fivewords”