I was there, and then I forgot

I knew how easily we can get diverted, from our objectives, our way of life, our loves. Further than that is brainwashing, when we end up forgetting our most cherished beliefs, perhaps even, for a few frightening seconds, our faith. Then comes the alarm, how could this happen, what am I becoming, and this means … Continue reading I was there, and then I forgot


There are nights when his imagination runs wild. As time passes, those get less frequent, but, if anything, more vivid. Some of the material, and characters, reappear from earlier episodes of his life, some from his writing, others are new fantasies, out of the blue. He is now in the habit of discussing his dreams … Continue reading Fantasy


There is no regret, only memories, some bittersweet, some funny. He looks back and smiles, all the time listening to the breeze blowing through the bare branches of the trees. He sees the present, but his reality is in the past, although he no longer reads it as the past, rather as a possible future, … Continue reading Decline