Clouded #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “It was written: now they are coming…” Her voice was calm, and her friend understood she was merely stating a fact. She too had thought of the omen in the last nights, as they both laid, enlaced, on the soft land, under the moon. They looked at each other, in silence.Continue reading “Clouded #writephoto”

Fantasy #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   As they prepared to leave and go home – a long way away – they started fantasising… There would be an island, a secret garden, a view over the old church, new colours and space for dreaming and loving. Perhaps even a shortcut to the lake from their porch? They wouldContinue reading “Fantasy #writephoto”

Worn #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “Those worn steps,” she said as they stood in front of their door, “speak of our story…” She was right, but he was pleased there was then no-one to hear, or see them. How could they explain? They were coming home, after so many years. Years? Ney, decades, or worse. ThisContinue reading “Worn #writephoto”

Glisten #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   Is this you, running toward me, in the dying light of our star? Is it you, or your double, or your servant? I know it cannot be you, how much I wished it were. But I know: I lost you, eons ago, far away. Tonight I remember, the long voyage, theContinue reading “Glisten #writephoto”

Vista #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “Soon we will be back, walking those hills, and finding ourselves, again.” It’s true, she thought, life is an eternal come back. Simply, we change, not the hills, not the sky. Only us grow old. Or it feels like it. So, we will have to rewrite the story, or is itContinue reading “Vista #writephoto”

Silver #writephoto

Thursday writing prompt   “I am glad you brought me here, Paul,” she said in a whisper, “I have never seen water on this scale. Even here, this small pool. And the wet sand…” The boy looked back at her, his young bride, as through her veil he saw the blue in blue eyes. “ThisContinue reading “Silver #writephoto”

Causeway #writephoto

Thursday writing prompt   This is where we started, in these shallow waters, that erased our steps: the slippery seaweeds, the smooth rocks, where we dreamed of another shore, by the violet sea, hidden by parsecs of space, on the planet of the five stars. We saw the small waves, at the feet of theContinue reading “Causeway #writephoto”

Still #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   This calm landscape makes waiting a sweet pleasure: the stillness of the air, the lambs’s voices, the sharp green in the trees. Here you said once you would come back, so I wait here, every year, at the same spot, near the water, looking at the sky’s reflection. Nothing has changed,Continue reading “Still #writephoto”