A dribble

Sunday’s Mini Saga Challenge #6   There are many worlds, but only a few we can see, and hold, as it were, like air balloons, in one hand. But we also see so many stars, through the night, beyond the clouds. So we wonder: why are we here, and are we alone? Such a beautiful mystery...

Translate #SaturdayPrompt #fifty

The Prompt   In the dark corridor she could not see the enemy, only hear her breath: she would have to translate the faint sounds, guess at her position, the distance from her arm, the wrist that held the dagger. Her own move would decide, life or death, victory or defeat. Image: Dark Corridor

#VisDare 70: Aloft #Fifty

In my mind I see you dancing, fireflies in the cloudy sky. Who are you: ghosts from a hidden past, forgotten dreams? In the warm air you climb, perhaps ascending slowly to join the mothership? Where you come from, I am sure, must be different from here: a secret world...  

#Fifty: Obsession

His mind was set long ago: to please her, to make himself the indispensable lover. He knows his way, the meaning of her scent. His, is the gentleness, the patience, the obedience of a true believer. Hers, the certainty of finding the summit, of savouring love in all its glory.