Beneath #writephoto

Beneath   The ancient oak ponders unfathomable tales; near the bank, the shallow water reflects the evening sky. A little further the small stones shine, enticing: come to us, stranger, we are worth more than gold… Soon the sun will sink, behind the hills. You observe, immobile, waiting. Your steed, warped in your Lord’s colours,Continue reading “Beneath #writephoto”

Before dawn #fivewords

Weekly Writing Challenge #170   A late dream, Don’t I know what to expect! The storm must have woken me, And you, dear angel, Are still fast asleep… Yet I know: the Enemy and his minions strike before dawn, Hiding their hideous shapes  Behind the windows’ frames… I wrap myself in your gown, And swearContinue reading “Before dawn #fivewords”

Circle #writephoto

Circle   They were six of them, and their leader may have been Galahad. There, they fought, back to back, from one dawn to the next, for days and nights, against the armies of Evil. There they died, for, then, knights never surrendered. And there, the circle of stones remind us: the battle continues, andContinue reading “Circle #writephoto”

A Shift in Time #fivewords

Weekly Writing Prompt #144 They were aware of a change in sounds, of different scents in the air. Though they knew they were still in the same bond with the City, they did not know, now, when now was. People walked past them, without seeing them, as if they themselves had become invisible, in aContinue reading “A Shift in Time #fivewords”

The Road #fivewords

Weekly Writing Challenge #143   His gaze followed the road, as its silvery line slowly disappeared through the woods. As the sky was getting darker, he thought he would have to walk faster to avoid the storm. This world was different, the landscape diffused, as if on the brink of disappearance. Was this reality, orContinue reading “The Road #fivewords”