#FollowFriday: August 31, Starting Something New…

 Inspired by the name, and motivated for doing something a bit different, I have started this story dedicated to Frank Herbert, the author of “Dune”. The story is only related to his fine novel by the names of the boat, and her owner’s. I acknowledge all copyrights owned by the estate of Frank Herbert andContinue reading “#FollowFriday: August 31, Starting Something New…”

#WritersWednesday: August 29, An Auction

 The small port of Sovetskaya Gavan’ has little to attract attention from anyone but the most informed observer of the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet, or Russian Far-East history. For it is an important outpost and harbour for the supply of the Fleet. The bay of Khadzi was only discovered in 1853, the year Lt. NikolayContinue reading “#WritersWednesday: August 29, An Auction”