I know they are there, well hidden, but making sure I am aware of their presence, just in case I was about to forget. This is tyranny, being on an apparent lose leach, but one that can be shortened at no notice: suddenly the pain, the endless despair. I see a glimmer of blue … Continue reading Ambushed


  They land in waves, silent and lethal. It starts with this crippling feeling in the arms, the shoulders, then the vice at the back of the neck. The throat is soon paralysed, breathing becomes a struggle. Soon the only respite is sleep, assisted by Codeine. Their numbers are beyond mathematics: maleficent molecules to the … Continue reading Multitude

#Writing space (Thursday’s Musings) #amwriting

The desk is littered:  photographs of the sublime Italian model he worships, another of himself in the Dolomites with two small children - now young adults - a postal card of Paul Klee's "The Saint of the inner Light", various requests for donations (well...) and more... And what about this new work? Stalling, wandering, disrupted … Continue reading #Writing space (Thursday’s Musings) #amwriting