They land in waves, silent and lethal. It starts with this crippling feeling in the arms, the shoulders, then the vice at the back of the neck. The throat is soon paralysed, breathing becomes a struggle. Soon the only respite is sleep, assisted by Codeine. Their numbers are beyond mathematics: maleficent molecules to theContinue reading “Multitude”

Pain #WritersWednesday #fifty

Immobile, his thoughts a long, grey meandering: pain boosts his melancholy – a writer’s block in reverse… For there is much new to express, and so many ways to exercise style! For sitting is now a torture, slow and methodical, preventing art for art, but still imagining  horizons ready for discovery. Image: Chapel of SaintContinue reading “Pain #WritersWednesday #fifty”

#Writing space (Thursday’s Musings) #amwriting

The desk is littered:  photographs of the sublime Italian model he worships, another of himself in the Dolomites with two small children – now young adults – a postal card of Paul Klee’s “The Saint of the inner Light”, various requests for donations (well…) and more… And what about this new work? Stalling, wandering, disruptedContinue reading “#Writing space (Thursday’s Musings) #amwriting”

#FiveSentenceFiction: Spoiled (or a day in Paradise)

We walk along the high brick wall, the road side covered with snowdrops and daffodils, soon to see the old castle, perched on the hill, surrounded by meadows, ochre stones on blue sky. Few trees are yet in bloom: this is the time of year when Spring is lurking, not yet triumphant, but already more thanContinue reading “#FiveSentenceFiction: Spoiled (or a day in Paradise)”

#Confession ~ #Bergmannkiez

I ride to Gendarmenmarkt, and stop, leaning on my bike in front of the Französischer Dom. You are there, talking to a friend; I stay silent, just watching, petrified lest I break that instant. But you see me, smile: la beauté du diable… We stay for a few minutes, chatting. An old man sells bubblesContinue reading “#Confession ~ #Bergmannkiez”

Brandenburg and her capital: #longing

I dream of the city, as it was, long before Frederick, not the capital of  a respected and feared kingdom, with a formidable army, but the main settlement of a peaceful people, in the midst of lakes and thick forests, surrounded by wilderness.  Then came the long war, the uninterrupted banditry, the destructions, the killingContinue reading “Brandenburg and her capital: #longing”

The Edge ~ Cheeky you…

 Diary of Céline Jeurève, February 17, 2048 They say the unpredictable happens, and so it does. Dear Charles arrived late on Friday, all lovely and loving. Monica was here since the night before – and Charles, to his credit, made no comment about the change in the household arrangements that, obviously, he could not notContinue reading “The Edge ~ Cheeky you…”