Choices #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “This is only an exercise”, he kept repeating to himself. But he knew that the exhaustion was catching up with him. He still had everything: the map, the compass, enough water, and the grains of black pepper. Black pepper… They’d told him that it would keep him going for miles… SoContinue reading “Choices #writephoto”

Before dawn #fivewords

Weekly Writing Challenge #170   A late dream, Don’t I know what to expect! The storm must have woken me, And you, dear angel, Are still fast asleep… Yet I know: the Enemy and his minions strike before dawn, Hiding their hideous shapes  Behind the windows’ frames… I wrap myself in your gown, And swearContinue reading “Before dawn #fivewords”

Our hidden secret #writephoto

Hidden   The small stream is known to local children, and to the occasional wanderers. For us, I know, it has meaning, one of the places where our spirits shall meet, and remember the past. We once ran over those rocks, splashing each other, in the bright light of Spring. Then, we were happy, weContinue reading “Our hidden secret #writephoto”

Am Nordufer

  Our paths crossed, again, as I was walking along the canal on a silent Sunday morning of mid November. The temperature had dropped overnight but was not yet at freezing point. The little man greeted me with a toothy smile, to which I politely responded. I knew of him for one of the multitudeContinue reading “Am Nordufer”

Glimmer #writephoto

Glimmer   “Beyond those hills is our home”, he said softly to her ear, as they looked down the valley, toward the estuary. There the town was cradled, a thin glimmer of light against the darkness. She shivered a little, but not from cold. She thought again of the place, the wild garden, the oldContinue reading “Glimmer #writephoto”

I know his tricks… #fivewords

Weekly Writing Prompt #155   I know his tricks, and I can recognise the face, his, or of one of his “staff“, as he likes to call his minions. I have seen him a few times, in the old city, never in the same guise, even as an attractive person, disappearing at will in theContinue reading “I know his tricks… #fivewords”

Summer #writephoto

Summer   “It looks like cotton…” she said in a calm voice, “Only, there is no-one working here.” The landscape was quiet, the never disturbed peace of late summer. “And there is no shadow…” She added, with a sigh. Did she mean “shade”? He looked up, toward the darker patches of green, beyond the meadow.Continue reading “Summer #writephoto”

Remains #writephoto

Remains   He had come to the city, perhaps even unaware, only to write the story. It was about love, of course, or rather loves, lost, found again, unreconciled. That was two years back. The story, like a forgotten symphonie, was now left, unfinished, unpolished, and even, dare we say, unloved. Something, someone, was missing,Continue reading “Remains #writephoto”

The Road #fivewords

Weekly Writing Challenge #143   His gaze followed the road, as its silvery line slowly disappeared through the woods. As the sky was getting darker, he thought he would have to walk faster to avoid the storm. This world was different, the landscape diffused, as if on the brink of disappearance. Was this reality, orContinue reading “The Road #fivewords”