The past is ahead of us

The days are grey, but slowly growing longer. He wishes he had the courage to start editing the manuscripts that lay dormant on his hard drive. Procrastination? Maybe, but more likely he is afraid of what he might discover, under layers of words, some truth he may have missed at the time of writing. His … Continue reading The past is ahead of us


There are nights when his imagination runs wild. As time passes, those get less frequent, but, if anything, more vivid. Some of the material, and characters, reappear from earlier episodes of his life, some from his writing, others are new fantasies, out of the blue. He is now in the habit of discussing his dreams … Continue reading Fantasy

Resolve #3TC

Three Things Challenge #483 Her resolve he could read on her face, her beloved face. He knew they could not push her sideways, she had already decided their fate. Now she was checking her Glock. They did not stand a chance.


Photo by Thiago Matos on "It's a matter of patience: there is light..." "I believe you, but it seems so far away, almost beyond the horizon." "Have faith. I am here, I will guide you." There is a pause. Outside the rain stops. He can only hear her calm breathing, sense her scent, a … Continue reading Tunnel