Still #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   This calm landscape makes waiting a sweet pleasure: the stillness of the air, the lambs’s voices, the sharp green in the trees. Here you said once you would come back, so I wait here, every year, at the same spot, near the water, looking at the sky’s reflection. Nothing has changed,Continue reading “Still #writephoto”

Storm #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   It’s lonely up here, one doesn’t meet humans too often, mostly the locals are ravens and rabbits and moles, and the occasional eagle. But I like it, this is my place, where I dream, and remember. There are sweet memories, and also dark and stormy ones. Yes, there is a stormContinue reading “Storm #writephoto”

Daybreak #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “It must be done,” she said in a calm voice, her everyday voice. The dawn was stunning. “I am going to leave you, and all the beauty…” he thought, silent. He had made the pledge long ago, when it all started. Invasion. Invincible machines. Cities burnt to ashes. Then, all knewContinue reading “Daybreak #writephoto”

Entrance #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   In the depth of the cave lies a long hidden secret, visible only to the initiated: to those who truly love this land, who have ploughed its fields, nurtured its trees and respected all that lives here. The secret tells them where to hide, how to protect their children and howContinue reading “Entrance #writephoto”