Return #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Returning #writephoto He said he would return, and only the faithful understood, and waited. The doubters, the jokers, the cheaters were so confident. They laughed, and mocked those prostrate and grieving souls, in the churches... Then, one bright morning, he was there, standing tall, guarded by a legion of angels. The faithful rose, … Continue reading Return #writephoto


The small bird was close to our window: her voice rose high and clear in the light mist shrouding the garden. She was celebrating life and the dawn of a new day, she was saying hope is alive, and look at me: I am small, but I am here, for God is great and I … Continue reading Dawn

#VisDare 77: Precocious #WritersWednesday

I see your little family, slowly following the narrow track on your journey,And I admire you, your beautiful silhouette, the narrow shoulders, and baby Lama in her cot.This is a long route, but you are safe, for, secretly, the mountains are protecting you.Here, behind the clouds, there is no shelling, no bombs, no beating:You have left … Continue reading #VisDare 77: Precocious #WritersWednesday