Gallery #SixSentenceStory

Wednesday’s Six Sentence Story Challenge #4   He looked back at the portraits of his ancestors, on the walls of the dusty gallery, and wondered. What would they think of him, this ruin of a man, this wreckage? There is no trace of glory for them to see, merely the shameless face of a sinner, aContinue reading “Gallery #SixSentenceStory”


  How to leave the city? Setting aside the why (perhaps one day?) how is the question. Maybe the correct answer is: we don’t, ever, we may be elsewhere, but our minds and hearts stay here. Maybe we’ll reminisce, as Frederick writing to Voltaire, much, much later (in fact many wars and forty years later)Continue reading “Partir?”

Painted #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   He painted on the large canvasses we now see in the Orangery Museum. A quiet man, who took the time to look at the light, the pale greens, the tender colours of the young plants. His garden is a spot for dreaming, thinking back to a time of peace. And thenContinue reading “Painted #writephoto”

Guests of young Frederick of Prussia

From: the Bolivian orchestra stranded in a German Castle   “The breathing techniques required to play these instruments for a few hours put you in a kind of trance,” says Miguel Cordoba, who plays the siku flute. But as soon as the rehearsal finishes they are all too aware of how their life has changed.Continue reading “Guests of young Frederick of Prussia”

Causeway #writephoto

Thursday writing prompt   This is where we started, in these shallow waters, that erased our steps: the slippery seaweeds, the smooth rocks, where we dreamed of another shore, by the violet sea, hidden by parsecs of space, on the planet of the five stars. We saw the small waves, at the feet of theContinue reading “Causeway #writephoto”

Cascade #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   I listen to the sound of the cascade, and to the birds and other creatures, deep in the woods. Time flows, as if diluted in the icy waters of the stream. Is it an illusion? Or the harsh reality of our impermanence? Will I remember this instant, on the other side,Continue reading “Cascade #writephoto”

Eve #writephoto

Thursday prompt   “You people don’t know what you’re doing… You think it’s fun, brandishing torches, setting fire to the pyre, while He is looking at you from behind the mask. Idiots! Go on, carry on playing, lose yourself in these wild dances and the sound of the viola… You have no idea.” They ignoredContinue reading “Eve #writephoto”

A tale of two cities

  A walk in a park, and a reading of Vasily Grossman inspired those lines. There is the city by the wide river, beyond it there is only the immense steppe, to the sea. There was a turning point, they say, a combat of titans. Here, the river is slow and narrow, feeling its wayContinue reading “A tale of two cities”