Flourish #TheDailyPost #WritersWednesday

Publish a new post on your blog interpreting the theme… Since their land was so inhospitable to foreign eyes, they retained their freedom longer than those tribes whose territory the predators desired, and plundered. Little did the invaders knew that the old prophecy had been tested: they were imposters, their creed a fraud, their ignobleContinue reading “Flourish #TheDailyPost #WritersWednesday”

Yawpa #AtoZAprilChallenge

Yawpa is the Hopi name for the Mockingbird. “The mockingbird fluttered around the bamboo, calling out, ‘Pashumayani! Pashumayani! Be careful! Be careful!’ This is the way the people departed from the Lower World” (from The Four Worlds: the doorway to the Fourth World, in ‘The Fourth World of the Hopis’, by Harold Courlander.) From Wikipedia,Continue reading “Yawpa #AtoZAprilChallenge”

Walpi #AtoZAprilChallenge

We leave Flagstaff on the I89 direction North. Soon we see the sign for the Sunset Crater and Wupatki, but today we are heading further up in the Navajo country. Shortly after Cameron we cross the Little Colorado River, theatre of many migrations over two millennia of Native American history. We turn off East, toward Tuba City, namedContinue reading “Walpi #AtoZAprilChallenge”

Vanished #AtoZAprilChallenge

Dedicated to the Native American tribes, victims of the greatest genocide in history, who knew agriculture, and the art of living, when Europe was starving, crawling in medieval darkness. He stands on the red rocks, alone with ghosts, his sight on the painted horizon. Slowly they appear in his vision: the millions, slaughtered by disease, hunger,Continue reading “Vanished #AtoZAprilChallenge”

The Guardian Angel

The old man looked out of the window into the familiar expense of the suburban garden, taking in the brightness of the tulips, the now fading bluebells and the impertinent grass, absurdly green. What a contrast with the arid plateau at the foot of the mesa! There, on his desk, near the photograph of the assembled family – theContinue reading “The Guardian Angel”

Earth #TheDailyPost

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. “We’ll be fine here,” she says, looking to the horizon and the melting ochres of the desert. I acquiesce: not only this is a blessed land, but we also know the people here, they are our friends, they have adopted us, and they will buryContinue reading “Earth #TheDailyPost”

Sipapuni #AtoZAprilChallenge

When a stranger comes to the village, feed him. Do not injure one another, because all beings deserve to live together without injury being done to them. When people are old and cannot work anymore, do not turn them out to shift for themselves, but take care of them. Defend yourselves when an enemy comesContinue reading “Sipapuni #AtoZAprilChallenge”

Oraibi #AtoZAprilChallenge

Oraibi, whose original name is Ojaibi – Round Rock  – is an old Hopi village on Third Mesa. Marshall Trimble (“Arizona: a Cavalcade History“) writes that “Old Oraibi, on Third mesa, is the oldest continuously inhabited city in America, dating back to before AD 1200.” The region surrounding the Black Mesa, 2,500 square miles ofContinue reading “Oraibi #AtoZAprilChallenge”

Niman #AtoZAprilChallenge

  [In the Hopi culture] Niman (NEE-mahn) is the annual festival celebrating the departure of the kachinas [spirits]. During the dance, which is an aspect of the festival, the kachinas give out bread, pike, fruit and other gifts to the spectators. Small boys receive bows and arrows; and small girls receive kachina dolls. from: The FourthContinue reading “Niman #AtoZAprilChallenge”