Bleak #writephoto

Bleak   We walk, hand in hand, to the shore, up to the small promontory, and we see our island: it is cold today, but we don’t feel it. Our bare feet slide over the rock, Your empty eyes turn toward me, my love, asking me, in silence, if I am ready to start ourContinue reading “Bleak #writephoto”

Q #AtoZAprilChallenge

“Q“, authored by the Italian writers’ collective Luther Blissett, now morphed to “Wu Ming“, tells the story of Gert-from-the-Well, a young student from Saxony, in the aftermath of the monk Martin Luther’s ninety five theses, pinned on the door of the Wittenberg cathedral church in 1517. I am on my second reading of Q, and haveContinue reading “Q #AtoZAprilChallenge”

#AtoZAprilChallenge Martin Luther

  The early 16th century was the crucible of what was to become modern Europe. The previous fifty years had been marked by tremendous events. In 1453 Constantinople – the last stand of classical Rome, and the heart of eastern Christendom – had fallen to the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. In 1492 Imperial SpainContinue reading “#AtoZAprilChallenge Martin Luther”

#FiveSentenceFiction: Trust

I did not know the length of the labyrinth, only that it led to that gate, and the little platform, just wide enough for two feet, facing the immense sky, and a sheer vertical drop of several hundred meters high above the valley. She had said to me, in another life it seemed, that she would lay the ropeContinue reading “#FiveSentenceFiction: Trust”

Daily Prompt: About Page of the Future

Write the About page for your blog in 10 years. As arguably one of the last (literate) blogger still to use screen and keypad to amuse my observers through those non-sensical posts, I admit: To being an undesirable alien To having started this blog – as it was then named – some twelve years ago,Continue reading “Daily Prompt: About Page of the Future”

Daily Prompt: Escape!

Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from). Long ago I trained here, and thus I know the place quite well.  When they come for me, I am prepared: my body may be covered with bruises, but I still have my head.  Those thugs have no idea of what awaits them!Continue reading “Daily Prompt: Escape!”