Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on We all make mistakes, we all remember... How stupid I was, I should have listened, I should not have gone there... What a fool I was... With time, we may not forget, for mistakes come back to haunt us, yet, sometime, we forgive ourselves. Sadly, History is … Continue reading Off-Ramp

Two boys

They sat in the sunshine on the steps of one of the old houses. One boy was pale and skinny, he looked as if he'd been ill and was just beginning to recover. The other one was shorter and looked healthier. Both wore the regulatory crew-cut in the fashion of these years, and short trousers. … Continue reading Two boys

Within #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   This is our place now. You see: we'll be safe here, they won't find us easily. By then we will be prepared. Our spears a plenty, our axes a ready. Let them come for us, poor souls.

Depleted #3TC

Three Things Challenge: PL19   uranium moss dancer It was getting late. Slowly the officer laid the photo on the table. "Do you recognise what those are?" she asked me with a smile. On the stage the one dancer started circling the pole. I looked down, and knew. "Hardened tank shells, probably depleted uranium. Fallujah?" … Continue reading Depleted #3TC