Blizzard outside, blizzard in my mind, confusion, images without, anxiety within. Is this isolation, distancing, onset of old age... or just lack of inspiration, a fall in productivity? Bear market Pandemonium Stolen words So many questions... Image source: DAIN: Romania Beautonica (In Sepia Tone), 2018

Fume #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   "This fell not far from us," she said in a trembling voice. Her companion replied, not just to reassure her, "That's true, but now we know where it came from!" And so it is with most human actions, there is always a return, sometimes with even more fume...


  The little daemons I used to see, at the crossroads, or standing high up on roofs, pretending to be busy, have gone. Or, perhaps, I have stopped noticing them, or they have stopped inviting me to see them. What does it mean? Is it because the city is now used to me, no longer … Continue reading Hidden

She taught us #fivewords #fifty

Weekly Writing Prompt #120   Near the river, which was, back then, the divide, or near enough, the link between our lost past and  our uncertain future, we listened to her, teach us to go back in time, and learn from our mistakes.   Image: Time Warp, by Craig Sunter, from Manchester, UK