Sanctuary #writephoto

Sanctuary   “This is exactly how I remembered the mausoleum,” she told him, as they crossed the immaculate lawn. “The trees are a lot taller… so many years have passed since our parents used to come here with us kids…” “I no longer know whose statue it is,” replied her brother, “I just know weContinue reading “Sanctuary #writephoto”

Bleak #writephoto

Bleak   We walk, hand in hand, to the shore, up to the small promontory, and we see our island: it is cold today, but we don’t feel it. Our bare feet slide over the rock, Your empty eyes turn toward me, my love, asking me, in silence, if I am ready to start ourContinue reading “Bleak #writephoto”

A witness in the night

Acknowledgement I wasn’t at my best, hot, bothered, coughing, feeling sick. But that’s the time she chose. We hadn’t had a real talk, the way she wants, for a while. Evidently, I had been working, making progress, trying to move forward, damn. The shimmer around her was an omen of what was to follow: theContinue reading “A witness in the night”

Jester #5words

Inspired by the Secret Keeper’s weekly writing prompt #103   Still in the black, dawn not so far away, the last dream hoists its sail – and, I, forever the jester the fuse of your nights, the white noise of your world…   Picture: Charles Baudelaire by Felix Nadar, 1855, via  

Alone #writephoto

Inspired by Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt   Mist has invaded the valley below, a diffused light veils the details of the landscape. But where am I? Where is this cliff? Is it day break, or dusk? Should I know this place, how did I get here, and how long have I been here, watching howContinue reading “Alone #writephoto”

Twilight #Writephoto

Inspired by Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photoprompt   We stood at the edge of the woods, as our star was disappearing behind the hills, a move so swift it surprised us. Here, in the open, the air was much cooler, and you shivered a little as we watched, in awe, the waves of mist rising fromContinue reading “Twilight #Writephoto”

Reflections in a Mirror #WritersWednesday

  We retrace our steps, without intention, it just happens: suddenly we see ourselves, there at that terrace, one evening, or there, along those walls, pushing our bikes. It’s later at night, and the Neue Gallerie is not yet closed, we meet there, in a concert of bright lights and laughter. That was three yearsContinue reading “Reflections in a Mirror #WritersWednesday”

Infinite #WinterThoughts

What is time?   Only propositions have sense; only in the nexus of a proposition does a name have meaning. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1921), 3.3 We live surrounded by symbols. In this city, where you and I dream, love, walk and invent new causes to believe, infinity lives through their immortality. The ghosts haveContinue reading “Infinite #WinterThoughts”