Neophyte #thedailypost

Neophyte The streets are empty, and rain starts falling. Some windows are lit, high up the tall buildings. Fallen leaves fly in the wind. Slowly he begins to hear the voices of the city. He has so much to learn: the geography of those unknown spaces, where the wall once stood, the secret boundaries, whatContinue reading “Neophyte #thedailypost”

Proxy #thedailypost

Proxy   She roams the streets, a pale, almost immaterial silhouette, the thin shadow of a woman. Yet the eyes are much alive, piercing blue, observing the passers-by, decrypting the smiles, or the tears. She reads the lives, the stories, the pain, the joy, she does not need to talk with people, they are anContinue reading “Proxy #thedailypost”

Simmer #thedailypost #100words

Simmer Below the surface of calm water the next storm is brewing. What it will be, how violent and destructive, no-one knows, nor how far it will reach, nor when it will be unleashed. So we, mere mortals, the next victims, continue to tread, blind and deaf, accepting our fate, carrying our sins, pretending allContinue reading “Simmer #thedailypost #100words”

Mystery #thedailypost

Mystery I recall the first time I saw You, as through a thin veil of time, a vision of peace, a quiet voice behind which one sensed a deep strength. In the tumult, the chaos that then was, You were reassuring, a calm presence that was not all human, and yet without threat, somehow inContinue reading “Mystery #thedailypost”

Tether #TheDailyPost

Today’s prompt The place is hers, she’s on her own ground. She knows what to do, who else is there, who does what. She’s all powerful. But sometimes, we don’t have a choice, submission is the safest bet. Her manners are gentle, evidently, she’s an expert. So, for a few hours, captivity feels sweet. Later,Continue reading “Tether #TheDailyPost”

Loop #WritersWednesday #DailyPost

Inspired by today’s Prompt The shed stands in a little hollow, surrounded by trees and bushes. The bushes are of a climbing sort, maybe  roses, or jasmin. This place is old, but not decrepit, although as we approach it, I notice someone has removed the small inside lock on the door. It was a kindContinue reading “Loop #WritersWednesday #DailyPost”

Trace #TheDailyPost

Inspired by today’s one word prompt   In any other city I would probably lose him, as his ability to hide behind others, look like them, or simply disappear, is beyond any other’s. But this is the city of Faust. Among the folks of the night, roaming the quiet streets, haunting the silent parks, heContinue reading “Trace #TheDailyPost”

Temporary #TheDailyPost

The Prompt   After sundown the city soon wears a cloak of silence: aside from the main avenues, traffic thins out, children rush home, buses and trams, stop by stop, deliver their cargos of precious and tired humanity to their homes. This leaves the freedom of the quiet streets to the flâneurs, to the tramps, and to theContinue reading “Temporary #TheDailyPost”

Control #TheDailyPost #MaiFeierTag

Today’s Prompt, May 2, 2017 As we approach the well known street, the crowd gets denser, perhaps quieter too, as if listening to itself. There are many people here, young and old, in pairs or small groups. The air is crisp and the sky peppered with cotton-like clouds. Will it rain? People chat, laugh, stopContinue reading “Control #TheDailyPost #MaiFeierTag”