#Promptbox: Melting

We have to go back to a few million years, when this world was hotter, so hot that there was no ice, anywhere, and no humans nor other animals, like us, a burning inferno... But now, after only a few short decades, we have succeeded, to ruin our chances, to rob our children and grand … Continue reading #Promptbox: Melting

#AtoZChallenge: April 11 – J is for Jalfrezi (a Rite)

April 11: Jalfrezi (a Rite) With a deep bow to @DirtyLittleW and @tinynibbles The light of the dying sun reflects over the tiles in the kitchen. On the stove the large pot diffuses paradise scents: we have refined this dish for years, every step further along the path of… perfection. In the dining room I hear you … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge: April 11 – J is for Jalfrezi (a Rite)