The Beautiful Blogger Award

A big thank you to @olbigjim for this unexpected award! I understand this is normally awarded to bloggers of somewhat more experience than this one but I won’t complain: I am indeed very grateful, thank you Jim!

To follow the tradition I wish first of all to invite my readers and followers to visit your wonderful blogs, The Left Wright Brain and OlBigJim. I have learnt a lot reading and following you, and met many interesting bloggers and writers – all thanks to you.

What seven things are worth mentioning about this blogger? Incidentally I admire the sobriety in your own listing Jim, and incomparable modesty, for a man of talent and so varied experience. So, here we go boldly:

  1. The place I really wish to live in, is the Alps of the Südtirol, in Northern Italy.
  2. I am addicted to photography, and spend many hours fiddling and editing my pictures, as well as looking for others’.
  3. Blogging for me is, above all, meeting people from all over the world, and exchanging ideas and experience.
  4. Best time of the day: early morning (and freshly ground coffee!)
  5. Best times of the year: Spring and early Summer
  6. The book I wish I could write? Marcel Proust’s A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu…
  7. The face that launched a thousand ships (for this little boy, long ago)? Jeanne Moreau

Nominations? As Jim said, this is difficult, and always a little arbitrary…

  1. People, Places and Bling! – Theadora’s treasure trove of knowledge and beautiful pictures of Paris
  2. Bornstoryteller – tale spinning by Stuart Nager
  3. Euzicasa – George’s blog dedicated to beauty
  4. Musings of a Serial Procrastinator – “there are still some nice people left in this world”
  5. Nine Cent Girl – Fashion, Family, Food… Life!
  6. The Dom Next Door – exactly what it says!
  7. August McLaughlin’s Blog

And to conclude, a summary of the rules:

  • Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post,
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog,
  • Tell 7 things about yourself,
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

Versatile, Sunshine and Beauty…

This undeserving blogger received three awards last week! I am still in a state of (mild) shock… Firstly, from my dear friend The Curtain Raiser “because this blog is always interesting and deserves both the Sunshine Award and Versatile Blogger Award.” What is there to say? A big thank you, and wishing to see more of the curtain raised!

I will answer some questions in a few lines, but for now I wish to forward to deserving nominees as follows (the choice of awards is not entirely arbitrary!):

The Versatile Blogger:

@GillianColbert whose blog at is mischievously (sometimes) and interestingly (always) versatile…

@LouiseJHastings for Wings Over Waters, a festival of poetry, prose, music and beautiful photography…

@moondustwriter1 for her Writer’s Blog, an exquisite blend of pictures and poems: an art gallery…

@Angela_Goff for her delightful flash-fiction blog Anonymous Legacy

@MarinaSofia8 for Finding Time To Write, the place I go to when I wish to feel at home…

Sunshine Award:

@KD_Rush for The Rush Room, a model writer’s blog whose excellence this blogger has no hope of ever achieving!

@jtvancouver, my wonderful Muse, for Going for Coffee, a place of beauty, inspiration and superior writing…

@TameriEtherton, who I think has not yet collected this one… for her very professional and occasionally spooky writer’s blog A Cup of Tea and Sorcery

@DirtyLittleW, whose adventures this blogger follows with interest and often anxiety, for her very clean Seductive Secrets

@natzers, for Deeply Shallow, a thoughtful and always warm blog by another Pinterest devotee

@damyantig, for Amlokiblogs, all about Writing about Writing, a professional writer’s blog

@SunnyGirlLori, a francophile blogger and writer, for Spinning in the Teacups, of wich we want more!

Now, my dear friend the great @KD_Rush honoured me with the Beautiful Blogger Award, and I am not sure I will ever deserve this award. Still I wish to thank you KD, you are a source of inspiration and moral strength to us all.

I know that this is in breach of the Award’s rules, but I will be minimalist in forwarding this award to a very special blogger and friend. I hope that this is not being mean, but given what precedes I wish to be, perhaps, exclusive in this occasion, and for now. I will forward to six other nominees in a later post, promised.

So I wish to nominate for Beautiful Blogger my friend and fellow bilingual writer Quirina, @denfemte, for delighting us with The Mind’s Sky – Der Himmel des Geistes – a work of irrepressible beauty…

I know I have also to answer some questions, but I do not wish to be tedious… So I will limit myself to 7 facts, hopefully meeting the requirements of all three awards.

  1. Best achievement ever: keeping Gorgeous happy and cheerful (have entertainment value, will travel)
  2. WIP now: The Page Revisited, short excerpts in these columns, more to come…
  3. Best film watched this year: Prometheus
  4. Best book read this year (so far): Snow Crash
  5. Studying: history of European Union
  6. Training: gym and cycling
  7. Vacation: to the Italian Tirol