Resolve #3TC

Three Things Challenge #483 Her resolve he could read on her face, her beloved face. He knew they could not push her sideways, she had already decided their fate. Now she was checking her Glock. They did not stand a chance.

Insomnia #3TC

Three Things Challenge: PL36 insomnia - meringue - basement She knew what he liked, what he liked about her, his favourite drink, his taste for violence and meringue. She knew he would ask her to run a hot bath, prepare his Jack Dianel's on rocks, attend to his needs in his insomnia. Down, in the … Continue reading Insomnia #3TC

Depleted #3TC

Three Things Challenge: PL19   uranium moss dancer It was getting late. Slowly the officer laid the photo on the table. "Do you recognise what those are?" she asked me with a smile. On the stage the one dancer started circling the pole. I looked down, and knew. "Hardened tank shells, probably depleted uranium. Fallujah?" … Continue reading Depleted #3TC

Grassy cloud #3TC

Three Things Challenge: PL18     velvet, cloud, hippie Late in the day, emerging from his grass cloud, the ageing hippie saw you, asleep, as you once were, on the velvet pastel of the pool.

Keepsake #3TC

Three Things Challenge PL16 Today’s prompt: filter, keepsake, salad The apartment is so empty, the sky so low, the morning so quiet. Near the coffee machine, behind the filter box, I have hidden a keepsake of her presence, here, one summer night. I look at that bit of silk, black, introvert, provocative. Tender was that … Continue reading Keepsake #3TC