I was there, and then I forgot

I knew how easily we can get diverted, from our objectives, our way of life, our loves. Further than that is brainwashing, when we end up forgetting our most cherished beliefs, perhaps even, for a few frightening seconds, our faith. Then comes the alarm, how could this happen, what am I becoming, and this means … Continue reading I was there, and then I forgot


It was there, the street, the trees, the light of passing traffic, the dying sun rays. It was winter, the air was cold. Suddenly it's all gone: the dream is over, the light faded, the rain came. Was it ever real, the long stairway, the high ceiling, the flowers on the balcony, the canal. The … Continue reading Nostalgy

Beginnings #writephoto

Alone, at the end, a fallen hero…

Of Glass & Paper



He knew where they had met, but he was less certain of when that was. He remembered the small town, and the woods, above all the woods, where they walked, kissed, watched the sun rise, the freezing dawns, enlaced, forever at one, with each other, and with the trees.

She was the one, and those were their beginnings. They watched the sun set, the skies on fire. Her grey eyes reflected the light. He had felt so strong then. He was, so they called him. She watched him go, such a breakup in her heart…

Now, after all the death, the sand, the blood, he was back. Alone, at the end, a fallen hero.

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