Regent Street

  Julian was walking down Regent Street, his Shuffle firmly strapped   to his jacket, inhaling the atmosphere of London on a spring  morning. He came to the junction with Oxford Street as the flow of commuters, the early rush, was beginning to ebb. This was not his most favourite part of London, this probably wasContinue reading “Regent Street”

At long last…

Publishing this blog… if this is not “work in progress” what is?! Hope you enjoy the excerpts, if not I am in trouble… Most of my time is spent on Scrivener but I promise to update this as the journey continues. I am grateful for my followers and fellow writers, please browse the blogroll. =)Continue reading “At long last…”

Welcome to Honoré’s writer blog

If you are a writer or aspiring writer your professional comments are welcome in particular on the #amwriting, #amediting and #reviewing pages. If you are a reader any comment or suggestion you may have are equally welcome. If you wish to contact me please do this via Twitter in the first instance (on the followingContinue reading “Welcome to Honoré’s writer blog”