Cemetery #writephoto

Through the darkness I recognise the place, off the wide avenue, sheltered by the trees. Would I be lucky enough for a chance encounter? I doubt it. You have avoided me now for so long... Yet I won't give up, for I know you are there, I know you are waiting. But you know this … Continue reading Cemetery #writephoto


Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels.com We all make mistakes, we all remember... How stupid I was, I should have listened, I should not have gone there... What a fool I was... With time, we may not forget, for mistakes come back to haunt us, yet, sometime, we forgive ourselves. Sadly, History is … Continue reading Off-Ramp

Two boys

They sat in the sunshine on the steps of one of the old houses. One boy was pale and skinny, he looked as if he'd been ill and was just beginning to recover. The other one was shorter and looked healthier. Both wore the regulatory crew-cut in the fashion of these years, and short trousers. … Continue reading Two boys

The Muse

Photo by Andy on Pexels.com "Look! You have a brand new year in front of you! Time to undertake what you did not do last year..." Her voice was not that I remembered, somewhat deeper, coming from further away. "I know, all these things I thought of, and never started. The books I did not … Continue reading The Muse

A wise owl

Photo by Petr Ganaj on Pexels.com I trust what he says, and you must admit, these days, trusting what anyone says is rather unusual. Our sad truth is that we are surrounded by constant lies, wherever we turn, whenever it is. This is the spectacle, aggravated a thousand times. So, now, I only listen to … Continue reading A wise owl