The avenues are deserted on this clear evening of May. Furtive passers-by appear to avoid each other, all is silent. Inside the spacious auditorium the small orchestra is waiting. The soft light illuminates the stage, the delicate wooden surface of the violins and celli. Soon, rapid steps are heard. The conductor enters, and the musiciansContinue reading “Fratres”

Clouded #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “It was written: now they are coming…” Her voice was calm, and her friend understood she was merely stating a fact. She too had thought of the omen in the last nights, as they both laid, enlaced, on the soft land, under the moon. They looked at each other, in silence.Continue reading “Clouded #writephoto”

Moi, Gabrielle, historienne #WritersWednesday

Originally posted on Sisyphe sur le Rivage:
J’ai donc choisi ces colonnes pour m’exprimer, plutôt que le blogue de notre auteur. Ce n’est pas que je me méfie de cet homme charmant, mais, ici, je me sens plus libre. Mais, d’abord, permettez-moi de me présenter. Je m’appelle Gabrielle, qui est le nom qui, je crois,…

Fantasy #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   As they prepared to leave and go home – a long way away – they started fantasising… There would be an island, a secret garden, a view over the old church, new colours and space for dreaming and loving. Perhaps even a shortcut to the lake from their porch? They wouldContinue reading “Fantasy #writephoto”

Worn #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt   “Those worn steps,” she said as they stood in front of their door, “speak of our story…” She was right, but he was pleased there was then no-one to hear, or see them. How could they explain? They were coming home, after so many years. Years? Ney, decades, or worse. ThisContinue reading “Worn #writephoto”