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 Current work

The current work in progress is a series of short stories inspired by the forests of Brandenburg. This is still evolving and may or may not turn into anything more substantial!

My second project, a short novel titled “Viktoria Park”, is still in the making. This is the story of the encounter of a father with his unknown child, with, as background, the threat of a new war in Europe: a mixture of romance, political fiction, nostalgia and an attempt at looking at environmental disasters in a new way. I am posting some of the early chapters at present, and will soon publish the WIP as a separate blog…

My first novel – unfinished – is now in deep editing/rewriting. Interested readers follow on to “the Page“, and access the archive blog.

Good Speculative Fiction: Substantial Imagination (lanternhollow.wordpress.com

Jeffrey Sachs, on Sustainable Development

The age of sustainable development


Русский: Зефир и Гиацинт, Аттический сосуд из ...

3 thoughts on “#amwriting

  1. I really like this premise, and of course ghost stories are very ‘hot’ right now. I’ve never read any speculative fiction (honestly – I’m not sure I know what it is), and can’t cope with any graphic horror, but I’d certainly be interested in reading more about The Page. Are you planning to self-publish? How far off finishing do you think you might be?


  2. Hi Jo, thx for the feedback. I guess if I publish at all it will be via the Amazon Kindle thing, but I am in no rush. The Page is a story I enjoy writing and it may still be quite a few months yet before I can say I’m done with it. I work with Scrivener and on several scenes/chapters in parallel: at present it’s a patchwork! Btw the “horror” will be entirely psychological rather than gory =)) The link just below the text gives a definition of sort on speculative fiction but I’m not sure about it either!


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