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For now, I have shelved my “magnus opus”, “The Page“, leaving new developments until this summer, and started thinking about a different story around the theme of the “end of war”. For some time now I have been interested in what is commonly described as “climate change”, and the implications thereof. Of course there is a range of “boundaries” that mankind transgresses at our peril, but few people, fewer still in the mainstream media and the community of novelists, appear to pay attention. Yet those issues will determine our fate, at any rate that of our children, for centuries to come. So I have tried to imagine what would happen, if, following a last disastrous war, mankind, at long last, grasped the nettle, and decided to do something to save the species… Watch this space!

Good Speculative Fiction: Substantial Imagination (lanternhollow.wordpress.com

Jeffrey Sachs, on Sustainable Development

The age of sustainable development


Русский: Зефир и Гиацинт, Аттический сосуд из ...

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  1. I really like this premise, and of course ghost stories are very ‘hot’ right now. I’ve never read any speculative fiction (honestly – I’m not sure I know what it is), and can’t cope with any graphic horror, but I’d certainly be interested in reading more about The Page. Are you planning to self-publish? How far off finishing do you think you might be?


  2. Hi Jo, thx for the feedback. I guess if I publish at all it will be via the Amazon Kindle thing, but I am in no rush. The Page is a story I enjoy writing and it may still be quite a few months yet before I can say I’m done with it. I work with Scrivener and on several scenes/chapters in parallel: at present it’s a patchwork! Btw the “horror” will be entirely psychological rather than gory =)) The link just below the text gives a definition of sort on speculative fiction but I’m not sure about it either!


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