Lake #writephoto

weekly #writephoto

They were back, after all that time, back in the forests they loved, and by the lake. There was no noise, part from the low howling of the eastern wind in the trees, and from time to time the sound of water droplets from where a fish, or its ghost, came to the surface. Silently they stripped, and entered the water, walking until they knew it would get much deeper. The softness of the water, the smooth, fluid motion of her body, the light reflecting on the surface, at once healed his pain. He saw her diving, followed her for a while, then she disappeared, at one with their surroundings… It would take him a little longer to tune in, to control his lungs, to adjust his heart rate. Some creatures of the depth, intrigued, came to look at him, he guessed bigger ones stayed at a distance, evaluating him as a possible prey, then gave up. In the distance he saw her, finally, his mermaid, his soulmate, waving to him to catch up, to forget the rest of the world.

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