Crow #writephoto




We have known each other for a long time. In the garden of the small house, some distance from here, she used to perch in the old tree, just in the corner, and was able to follow my progress in the morning, making coffee, in the kitchen. Often the Crow and I looked at each other, appreciating each other’s company, and the morning peace.

When we moved here she gave me a recommendation for her jackdaw cousins (large birds with streaks of white on their bellies), who inhabit this neighbourhood, and, to tell the truth, most of the city’s parks and streets.

I think she has a beneficial influence on us, and I have concluded she’s in fact a guardian angel. Her speech is always to the point, sober, if not melodious. I trust her judgement, and whenever she’s unhappy, so am I.

In the little garden we had hilarious moments, for example when she, and her sisters, kept a watch on the local heron… For she’s a good fighter, she looks after her partner and family, and don’t bother her neighbours.

I wish all humans were like her.



Photo: the Crow and the Heron © Honoré Dupuis, 2012

10 thoughts on “Crow #writephoto

    • No montage! The heron was sitting on a tree, observing fishes in a little pond nearby, the garden crows did not like it, and my friend went on the attack, diving in air combat! The heron finally quitted, disgusted…

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      • Herons, in spite of their prehistoris looks and size, seem to flee any kind of observation. We’ve had a few at my son’s pond. the way it is built, they cannot get in…but they have tried. Very odd walking into the garden and seeing a bird as tall as you standing on the handrails and pretending you can’t see him 🙂

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