Construct #DailyPost #Katatonia

As I looked up today’s prompt…


… I was listening to one of my favourite dark albums, my beloved Katatonia‘s “Night is The New Day“, and, unfathomably, found the lyrics of “day and then the shade” entirely appropriate…

i will rise

to dreams of freedom

and avow

to return the treason that came under your reign

the day and then the shade

i have slept

inside the season that froze within my grasp

all my fears come into view

there must be an end soon

when every waking hour

is part of the lie

i will rise

over glass cathedrals

and let go

with my eyes resting upon the nearing dark

the day and then the shade

i have slept

within the reason that kept me so remote

make a brand new vow

in the heat of the evening

the darkness swarms

i was nothing, ever

but red like the sun

dying down over the freeway

is the brand new sky

over the mountain ridge”

“day and then the shade”: music and lyrics by Jonas Renkse

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