Ancient #DailyPost

From the magic crew



He prides himself of a certain fitness, and longevity. At the gym he gets himself checked, measured and weighted. The young trainer congratulates him for his balance in muscular mass and body fat, and shows him the numbers: what could make him happier? Besides she’s most helpful and pretty. She draws up and explains a training plan. He so looks forward to resuming training. Soon he’s on the circuit, demonstrating his willingness to move from theory to practice.

As he works through the plan, she correcting his posture, smiling at his effort, he suddenly feels the weight of all those years: for, after all, he’s an ancient creature, still holding on, thick skinned, and well on its way to oblivion…

Image: Max Ernst (1891 – 1976) Mundmündig 1963 – via thirdorgan

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