Perfection #TheDailyPost

… Is not of this world, they say, but we know that perfecting is!



So this project of ours won’t work as we conceived it, but this can be fixed: it’s called flexibility, and a sense of adaptation! Nothing is more difficult than moving to a new territory, having to relearn, and forget some of the “truths” we know. Here, we must quit our prejudices, and look forward.

So we revisit our initial thoughts, what we believed to be the right way and proved to be misplaced. It will take longer, cost more – ah the depreciation of sterling! – and be more rewarding in the end. Along this path full of obstacles and traps, we proceed, methodically, cautiously, as if in a minefield.

Sometime, expectations, those of the buyer and those of the seller, cannot be matched, so a little navigation is necessary: perfecting the deal takes goodwill, a favourable wind, and patience…

Image: Odilon Redon, La barque mystique


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