Blind Spot #AtoZAprilChallenge



A blind spot is, in vision physiology, an obscuration of the visual field. It may also describes, in everyday language, something, or someone, that a person pretends not to see, or know about. The pretence may be deliberate, or show real inability to see, or understand: “I can’t really see this…”

We all have blind spots in our lives, events, people or facts, we choose not to see, or recall, or understand. We may have good, or bad, reasons for this: for example when we decide to ignore facts that contradict our long held beliefs, or people whose courage shows us for what we are, cowards. Sometime, ignoring horrors we are powerless to prevent, or punish, is how we find the strength to live on…

Image: Truman CapoTEA (or CupoTEA), by Bettina Güber

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