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Sentimental you are, for sure, and just loving to keep things in their place too. So that no genuine feeling gets lost, in the tumult of daily life.

So, you want clarity, you there, me here, or at least some place. Just in case something goes awry, then I must supply the explanation, the justification, who knows the how, when and so what…

Hardly a chore that is, what wouldn’t I do for you, my sentimental half? As the song went, from dawn to dusk, and a little later still. For this is my role, as a non-sentimental soul, just materialistic, as it were. Find and state the reasons, unravel the logic, apologise as necessary.

This is a nice routine, that keeps your mind free, for those high feelings. In the meantime, I am working hard at becoming, one day, more sentimental…

Image: Study of Mrs. Allan Bott, Tamara de Lempicka, c.1930, via


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