As a #writer, is #Facebook useful to me?

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Today, a very good friend of mine, in real life as well as in cyberspace, quitted her Facebook account, which she created in 2009. She said to me she no longer had time to keep her page up to date, even to the minimum level that would be of interest to her “friends”. And she added: “But of course, the real friends and I keep in touch, by writing – yes! oldfashion letters – and via our blogs, that are the right places for a genuine exchange of ideas.”

It makes sense to me. When I started using Facebook, it was an attempt to build up the main character in my first novel, and later on, to promote my work. It has been a mixed success. Quickly the character achieved a life of her own, and was never really dependent on social media for her development. From a writing and work promotion viewpoint, I have to admit having had close to zero contribution through the Facebook page I created for the novel. By comparison I found Twitter a far more effective tool, to meet other writers, keep up to date on news that interested me, and promote my work.

In truth, the real writer tool is the blog. There, it is possible to develop a meeting of minds, with genuinely interested readers, and people of common interests, who are willing to take the time to comment and follow. It’s give and take. There is nothing artificial in the development of such communities. Given the time it takes to keep up on social media, one has to be economical, and discerning. Has Facebook helped me in my development as a writer? The answer is, probably, very little, compared with the real progress made on the blogs, and, also compared with the source of inspiration and contacts I found via Twitter.

Is this then, conclusive? I have nothing against Facebook, it’s fun to use, but just appears, often, pointless. This is of course a very personal viewpoint, what does not work for me may well do marvels for others! Our main resource is time. So, maybe, it’s time to reconsider?

3 thoughts on “As a #writer, is #Facebook useful to me?

  1. I agree. I use all social media mostly as a way to advertise my blog. Facebook is also a way to stay in touch with my family. That said, I’ve mostly given it up for Lent. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything…


  2. I have found people using blogs as Facebook, littering status posts a la the (in)famous social media.

    I am not against writing letters, or not using Facebook for that matter. What I have come to realise that something deep in the circuitry of my brain has rendered me invalid forever for writing with a pen on a paper. I understand the appendage is called Wernicke’s area. As for Facebook, there are overseas friends with whom I hold quick short chats every once in a while. We are not intimate enough to exchange emails or converse over Skype. So my profile lives on on Facebook.


  3. Excellent post. For years I’ve tried to maintain 2 FB pages – 1 for my family and friends and 1 to promote my blog, etc. I am at the stage, now, of doing the minimum. I simply don’t have time to do all the social media and I am not certain it’s worth the lost time. Thanks for sharing.


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