#FiveSentenceFiction: Bubbles

BubblesIn the silent house she sits, and thinks of you, writes a letter – which you will never receive.

Long ago you met, and you loved, in the silent house – and then you left.

Her, in her poor, wounded heart, she cannot leave – she lives in the bubbles of her memories, for you long forgotten.

Such is the law of love, a much asymmetrical feeling, one party always staying put, while the other floats away…

Away from the bubbles, gathering dust, and tears, in the silent house.

6 thoughts on “#FiveSentenceFiction: Bubbles

  1. Spectacular. So much to like about this poem (I’m reading it as a poem at least) – the asymmetry of love, one staying fixed the other floating away – this line was my favourite.

    I wondered at your choice of using ‘you’ instead of ‘he’ in the piece. Was this a deliberate choice to draw the reader into the action? Whatever the reason – excellent stuff.


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